Social Media tools for you to use!

Social media applications are becoming more diverse and can simplify many things for users on the internet. Most people in this day and age use multiple social media platforms to share information or promote certain events for their companies. Alot of the new tools out there that are used to manage social media accounts cost a penny or two. I’m going to talk about a few new tools that are totally free to use! Go ahead and try some of them out for your business today!Image

Swayy is a great social media tool that can be used to share information across multiple platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) instantly. Users also set up their favorite categories, so they have a dashboard of articles relating to what they are interested in on their homepage. Users can also schedule a certain time for the articles to go out to different outlets. These articles come from virtually all over the web. I love it! This can help when promoting a business, by sharing links to your articles or other interesting articles to get people talking on your social media pages.

Another cool tool is called Komfo. This allows users to receive great data and feed back on their Facebook analytics. The regular Facebook analytics page is limited and doesn’t give you much data. Komfo gives information in a dashboard about your user analytic like CTR (Click through ratio), community contribution, viral reaches of posts, spam score and more. This is very useful for any business, to really dig deep into each post and see what is working and what isn’t to engage consumers. 

Lastly, another cool and free application is Tagboard. This allows users to search any hashtag on the internet and find multiple different types of applications and websites that have that specific word/hashtag used. This can help a business find out what people are saying about them, instantly. This is helpful when a consumer is reporting a bad experience with your product and needs immediate attention.

It’s important for businesses to stay on top of these different social media tools, they seem to be constantly changing and becoming more helpful for businesses all the time. I had no idea there were so many cool tools out there to use in my business. As technology changes there will no doubt be even more options and social media tools that are very specific to every type of business. 


3 thoughts on “Social Media tools for you to use!

  1. This is one of the more concise and informative blogs about social media tools that I’ve seen. You list multiple topics, provide real-world feature descriptions, and are able to keep me engaged. Plus, you ended in time to leave me wanting more. Komfo looks like a great tool – especially as need persists for delivering some kinds of results as close to ROI as possible. You’re description of Swayy had me very interested but in clicking the link, it looks as if that venue is no longer active and is now for sale.

  2. Very insightful post. I, too, was intrigued by Swayy and then disappointed that appears no longer active. But I definitely think that I will be finding use for Tagboard. I’ll be interested to read you future blog posts!

  3. I think that Tagboard sounds like a great tool for businesses who are looking to be more in touch with their customers. The ability to find out what people are saying about your business is a very powerful tool. Great post!

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