Traveling? There’s an App for that!

Searching for travel

These days booking travel on your smartphone has never been easier. Pretty much every hotel chain and airline has a mobile application to make the consumer and company connect. Of course, Kayak sets the standard for searching more than one travel site at once and making reservations. It’s ease of website use continues to it’s mobile application, from searching for travel to booking. Google flights is another application that checks all travel sites but uses a different interface, so it gives sort of a second opinion. 

Here’s a tip! Did you know that downloading travel applications can give you discounts and last minute deals you might not have seen otherwise? Expedia’s iphone and Android app has these deals along with all the reviews travelers need to see before booking a room. Once a consumer has booked a trip there are hundreds of travel apps that can keep up with a traveler on the go. 

 Pack that bag up! 

There’s a ton of packing apps for that person who likes to stay organized, and what’s wrong with that! Packing Pro is a mobile app to help you do that!. It helps you remember what to pack and can also serve as evidence of what you packed if your luggage were ever lost. You can even set reminders to do things before you leave for your trip. 

Flying Away! 

The TripCase travel app takes all of your flight numbers and information and puts in all in one place that you can access from anywhere. There’s a ton of great food and retail in airports, if you know where to find it! The GateGuru application has details about over 60 airports with reviews were to dine and shop.

Now I’m here!

A nice app to have while traveling a new place is Stay. This offers tips and helps when you lose service somewhere and need to find your way around quickly!  We all know that traveling can get expensive, so Viator helps plan itinerary’s and gives ideas with a low cost budget. This is great way to see the city like a local. There’s also translation applications as well, one’s to verbally translate like Google Translate. There’s even applications to translate menus and signs in a flash called Word Lens.

Back to Reality..

Just because your back from your trip doesn’t mean the fun with apps has to end! You can share your photos on Trip Journal. Trip Journal allows you to document vacation experiences and share them with your friends and family. You can post things on vacation, or when you are back. Of course, you could also relive every minute of your trip using a travel blog application where you can also pinpoint your travels on a map on an application called Travel Pod

Traveling is fun, hectic, exciting and anxiety producing all at once. These apps make traveling a little easier and more fun. Relax knowing these apps have you covered from beginning to end!


2 thoughts on “Traveling? There’s an App for that!

  1. Stefanie,

    It is amazing to see how many resources are available these days. Now some may be connected to a business, trying to sell you something, but others may just help you to have a better time. I knew Viator before, but I followed the link and visited the site again. What I like about this site is that is provides you with deals AND gives you insider information on free things to do in a specific city. I will use it this summer when I go to Venice!:) THX for the reminder…;)


  2. Your blog is perfect for me. I have never traveled much – the only time I have been out of the US was to go to Montreal, and that doesn’t really count. Don’t laugh, I am probably going to invest in my first smartphone this year. With you post, I can definitely see that anxiety can be taken out of the traveling equation; I never realized how much help there is out there by using these apps. With that said, imagine what that does for the travel industry as a whole: people getting out of their comfort zone to travel more. Thanks again for the post.

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