Tweet this..Blog That!


Twitter and Blogging may not be popular in five years, but in today’s world they have become a normal way of life for most industries. Well, the ones who are doing it right. Some people love to hate on the airline and travel industry (i.e. United Airlines). Blogs and twitter accounts are a way to publicly address concerns and add a positive spin to what could be damaging information about their company. Blogging and tweeting are a way to take control a brand, and of course just a way to connect with customers. 

It can be a little overwhelming, but I find that the best companies reply to as many users as possible that tweet at the company. Writing customers with empathy can help the little problems or issues for your companies booking process,  delayed flight, etc. stay little. All customers want is for someone to listen and at least try to understand their needs. Sure, there will be customers who will never be happy with anything but all a company can do is try. For instance, Southwest Airlines has a specific link on their twitter page to direct users to make official concerns, but still do respond with empathy to their followers with easily resolved issues.

Empathy is something that is underrated, but engaging with your customers with empathy can make a huge difference in gaining lifelong loyal customers. A way to save time while doing this is looking for opportunities to re tweet posts. This can cover two bases at once, it can get the information out there to your followers, and also connect with a follower (Schaefer, 2012). Using the same example of Southwest Airlines, they do not retweet their followers that much, but do retweet tweets about articles mentioning them and other related content.

One of the biggest issues companies had was,  how do I cram time to post to each and every social media site we now have? Well, one of the biggest time savers is using a utility tool like or Hootsuite to post information s to all social media platforms simultaneously. The great thing about these platforms is that you can create all the social media content you would like (photos, gifs, videos, etc) and schedule times/days to post it. Posting different times a day allows you to reach different target audiences.

There’s no real science to blogging and tweeting. There isn’t a set standard of doing it. Most blogs are not written by experienced writers, just people who love to write about their industry or what they are passionate about. The only key thing in writing a blog, is that you can’t be scared to write (Eradon, 2013).  If your scared to write, then you will lose out on connecting with customers and potential customers as they come across your material. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take; So keep tweeting, and keep blogging travel industry, and your customers will thank you!

Eradon, C. (2013, September 25). Inbound Hub. What the Best Business Bloggers Do (And You Should Too). Retrieved March 1, 2014, from

Schaefer, M. W. (2012). The Tao of Twitter: changing your life and business 140 characters at a time. New York: McGraw-Hill.


One thought on “Tweet this..Blog That!

  1. I like how you reminded us that we don’t have to be professional writers to be successful at blogging. It’s a matter of doing it and getting comfortable. Practice makes perfect! You also pointed out some technical solutions to decreasing the time burden for posting to multiple platforms. Thanks.

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