Viral Marketing Initiatives in the Travel Industry

One of the best things (or worst things) to happen to company is for their content is to go viral. Marketers try very hard to get their companies information seen by the right people. And in a flash anyone can post something related to a companies product or service and have it be seen by millions of people. Sometimes companies decide to take these viral marketing opportunities into their own hands as well.

of these reasons:

The “Selfie Shootout” is a popular viral campagin made by Turkish Airlines. This viral marketing campaign has over 130 million views! I believe that this marketing campaign went viral because

1. It has a clear objective.

Anyone that views this video can easily tell that the objective of this video is to inspire travel. It showcases the fact that Turkish Airlines flies to more countries around the world than any other airline.

2. It evokes emotion.

This video showcases a fun game of traveling around the world (which most people would like to do). It is awe inspiring of what someone could actually do and visit favorite and recognizable places. There is also a sense of humor in the game the two are playing to out-do each other.

3. It features a celebrity.

This video features Kobe Bryant, which is a world renown basketball player. Almost everyone has heard of this player, even if they are not a basketball fan. It also features Lionel Messi, a famous soccer star who I was not familiar with, but the rest of the world probably is.

4. It keeps your attention.

Kobe is licked by a lion, Messi is scuba diving with sharks. These are things you would not typically see everyday.

5. Use social media to boost your campaign.

Turkish Airlines also used the hashtag #kobevsmessi to drive the campaign. They also asked people who won to keep the conversation going. Pure genius, and the campaign definitely resulted in more flights booked on the airline.


3 thoughts on “Viral Marketing Initiatives in the Travel Industry

  1. Stefanie – I liked how you tied all the characteristics of a viral campaign into the one example. Your choice of campaign definitely contains all those characteristics. It was an excellent example, wish i had thought of it! Jeanne

  2. Hello,
    Great example of a viral ad. You do a great job in listing the elements that helped this ad go viral, good job. Which of those elements that you listed do you think contributed the most to the ads success?

    Also, do you think there is any other elements that helped kick start this ad’s “viral motion” (e.g. ads title)?


  3. You mention that going viral can be one of the worst things to happen for a company. Can you think of an example where a brand went viral in a negative way? How do you think this impacted the brand?

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