Future Implications of Social Media

Human behavior is changing. With the rise in popularity in smart phones, more people are on their cell phones more than ever. I’d like to say it’s somewhat of an addiction, and our generation should be renamed the mobile generation. The evolution of smart phones coincided with social media evolution, and it’s rapidly growing and changing. Companies are continuously trying to find new ways to connect with consumer, while building brand loyalty through social media. Companies are almost required nowadays to have some sort of social media page, and consumers expect that there will be a representative of that companies brand to respond to their questions, comments, and praise. This in itself has changed human purchasing behavior.

More and more often I see brands offering mobile discounts or mobile coupon codes. This is typically because they want a consumer to download their mobile application. By offering a code or coupon using their services, like company Orbitz does, the consumer not only has to visit their site, but downloads also the application that sends out notifications directly to them. These notifications alert consumers that download the application to visit the application or act on a sale or promotion without even having to open their email.

Companies can also track who sees their posts on social media, and clicks on what. This gives companies a better idea of what they should be posting, and who they should be interacting with and targeting on any given social media site.

Humans desire to be a part of things. Lays “Do us a Favor” chip contest was successfully pulled off through the help of social media. Consumers can now feel like they are a part of the brand, and a part of the making of a new chip flavor. The wacky flavors makes this campaign memorable and gets fans invested. Without social media these kind of campaigns would never be possible.

New ideas of what you can actually do with social media surface daily, and with social media, the possibilities are endless.


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